Henri PFR releaset vandaag zijn nieuwe single 'Loving Myself'. Hij werkte voor het nummer samen met Engelse zangeres Raphaella. Dat ze samen een fantastisch duo vormen, bewezen ze eerder al met hun hit 'Until The End', die intussen platinum is in België!

Over hun samenwerking en hoe de nieuwe single tot stand is gekomen, zegt Raphaella het volgende: "Henri sent me through the instrumental about a year ago and I instantly loved it. I work from my studio in East London and Henri from his in Belgium, and this is how we always work - sending things back and forth to each other. I topline and vocal produce, and send it back over to Henri and we just build it from there."

Na 'Until The End' wisten ze meteen dat ze in de toekomst nog een track wilden maken, aangezien ze het allebei enorm fijn vonden om met elkaar samen te werken. Raphaella: "We’d worked on a few things together over the past year, but this just felt like the right time to put another collaboration out. With some people you just have an initial musical click with and I think with Henri and I, it’s always been like that - even though we’ve never actually written in the same room together before! With ‘Loving Myself’ it was exactly the same process. I just put myself on record and adlibed the first thing that came into my head, and within the first take came up with the chorus. I think with Henri’s tracks and my toplines, it’s always felt like a very natural pairing, and I sent him over the topline the next morning."

In verband met de tekst en thema van het nummer vertelt ze: "The inspiration behind the track was, I’d just been through a break-up so wanted to write a super positive break-up anthem, because we all have that moment of initial sadness right after a break-up happens, but some of the best growth, confidence and changes to your life happen right after that. 'Loving Myself' is a celebration that you don’t need anyone but yourself to boss life and have a great time. To me, the most important relationship and love affair is with yourself first... the other stuff will follow when it’s meant to."

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