Writhing in frenzy after a reckless odyssey. Slow Doomed Fever, the first full-length album by The Black Cheetahs, explores topics of love and death among outlaws, seekers and free spirits. Eight incisively slow and heavy songs weaved by thick layers of dirty bass synths and guitar walls complete this cathartic soundtrack, where elements of southern garage rock and doom are merged with dark ambient electronics.

Album producer and driver of the wavefront, Sofia TK’s vocals bring the ammunition of a hardcore punk legacy (FFT Error) with the sentiment of an edgy blues soul. As a bonus, the guest appearance of Andrew N.U. Unruh from Einstürzende Neubauten adds magic to the gloomy ballad “So Long A Line” with the moans of water percussion, and metal sink crescendos on “Here’s The Light”, the final track and ode to the void.

Close your eyes and enjoy the hypnotic, cinematic experience of doom rock’n’roll.

Except for the two tribute tracks (the legendary “Funnel of Love” by Wanda Jackson, and Nirvana's “School”), the album is co-written by TK & Wendy

1. Feathers and Filth 07:01
2. Rails Of Rust 06:41
3. Gold Gold Gold 03:56
4. Funnel Of Love 08:48
5. So Long A Line 08:49
6. Hiss And Curls 09:13
7. School 05:40
8. Here´s The Light 04:57

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