Three years after the release of the EP Synchro, which earned her the GAMIQ award in the Pop EP of the Year category, and four years already since her debut album Partir Avant, Rosie Valland is back with a second LP: BLUE. This confident new record is packed with melodies inspired by 90s pop.

For an artist, recording a second album is often a step that rekindles past insecurities, but Rosie Valland chose to take it as a challenge. Disregarding disappointments, doubts, and self-criticism, she set out on a personal journey to once again find the balance needed for creation. The result is a second opus inhabited by a profound feeling of serenity. For the first time, she acted as a producer. Alongside Jesse Mac Cormack, the longtime friend who produced her debut record, she made BLUE, a series of short, straightforward songs. She appears to be unwavering in her resolve and filled with a quiet strength that can even be heard in her guitar strings. For each song, Rosie Valland kept the original essence, the spontaneity of the first draft, leaving in her imperfections to deliver a particularly honest, mature creation.

90s pop, with its killer melodies and powerful voices, undeniably influenced this new album. She tried to recreate the sounds of her childhood, which was spent listening to music in the backseat of her parents’ car. Rosie Valland is categorical on this point: “Nothing has ever surpassed the album 'D’eux' by Céline Dion.” Hence, she took inspiration in the melodic essence of those classic songs to create the common thread of the nine tracks making up BLUE. As a whole, the record gives us a gentle feeling of nostalgia.

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