LONDON GHOST are the 4 piece alternative rock n roll band born and raised on the streets of London’s illustrious and culturally diverse Ladbroke Grove. The band is made up of Edd Whyte on Vocals and Guitar, Mike Serapinas on Piano and Synth, Tikz on Bass Guitar and Sid on Drums. Although this is the standard line-up, don’t be surprised to find many other creative artists and musicians collaborating with London Ghost, especially when performing live!

The band were formed in 2019 when they released their debut single ‘Moonlight’. The single ‘Control’ followed in the same year and then ‘Ladbroke Grove’ and ‘Spit Fire’ were released in 2021 and most recently the hit single ‘West London Jungle’ in September 2022.

Although still relatively new as a band, LONDON GHOST have acquired themselves somewhat of a cult following with multiple sold out gigs and streaming figures in the region of 100k on Spotify alone as well as praise from high end press such as Katie Jones from VIPER Magazine who described the band as ‘Fresh talented rock ‘n’ roll magic’.

LONDON GHOST are now back with their most exciting release to date in the form of the somewhat dark yet decidedly delicious track ‘Phoenix’.

‘Phoenix’ starts off with an almost haunting, melancholy air to it. Edd’s vocals ring out with crisp and clear precision setting the tone from the get-go. Things take on an interesting turn of events when the use of synths is introduced giving the track a uniquely different perspective in dimension and diversity. It’s not immediately expected, but it’s something that works so well. The chorus hooks are rousing and you can almost picture the notion of a phoenix rising. This is a track telling a story; a story about acknowledging the low points in life and turning them around and rising out of the debris and chaos that once was to fight the good fight for self preservation.

Indeed Edd has said of the track:

“The lyrics are inspired by a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of current events and a little bit of a desire to break out of a negative place, but ultimately it’s about perseverance because (to use a cliche) that’s the only thing you can do in life - stay positive and keep going.

The music is eerie and enchanting with shades of Lil Nas X, Gorillaz, with powerful, heartfelt and dynamic vocals with a little reminiscence of Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)”.

‘Phoenix’ was written by Edd Whyte, was recorded in Camden London and produced by Mike Serapinas and Edd Whyte

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