“I wrote 'Sticky Noise' in 2012 when I was putting together tracks for a two-piece band I had, called ‘Velves’. I’ve always loved its raw energy and felt if I could work it into my solo set by adding a kick drum to the drone of the electric guitar and muddy distortion it could really work well live. I re-worked the lyrics more recently to fit in with the energy of ‘The Great Valley Redemption’. It’s about facing and letting go of things that no longer serve us. Those habits that stick and become background noise that can mess with our serenity.”

Gareth Wilson, front man of the band Southern Gypsey Queen and one of the music industry’s top live booking agents, is loving the new solo releases from Moolman, saying: “I’ve always found Jacques to have incredible integrity when it came to making music and it’s been a wild ride being part of Shadowclub and Chambers’ journey, but I don’t believe he has ever written and recorded anything as real and raw as he has with his solo material, whether it’s blues, folk or even rock n roll. The songs creep right in and you know they never gonna leave".

Mixed and produced by Barry Berk at The Bass Station in Parkhurst (Joburg), ‘Sticky Noise’ is the latest single released from Moolman’s forthcoming solo album “The Great Valley Redemption” and keeps Berk in the producer seat.

“Barry has a wonderful, purist approach to music production and he has this brilliant ear that is really second to none. That’s what made the whole process working with him so unique!” shares Moolman about working with Berk.

Moolman’s new work offers up a break from reality and provides a kind of therapy for the mundanity of modern day life by pointing out the deeper facets of the human experience. This is a chance to reflect, experience and be present in the moment, something that’s sorely needed during these unstable times.

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