“Dissonant Whispers” the upcoming single from the eclectic cinematic metal outfit DISCONNECTED SOULS will be released on February 3, 2022. The Chester, England, based band push their boundaries further than ever before in this enchanting song. Become immersed in the foreboding tale of magic and disturbance of the mind through dramatic orchestration, thundering guitars and the alluring voice of the siren.

"I'm delighted to share our new conceptual piece, "Dissonant Whispers" with you! The origins of this track date back to prior to the completion of our Warring Elements EP, so this has been gently stewing in the background for a while. It's been nice to have a slower paced approach, contrasting some of our tracks that have been completed in only a few months! I think this is noticeable in the careful crafting of both the orchestral parts and the textural FX layers. There are a lot of undulating parts which contribute to the wide dynamics - all with the aim of taking you on an emotional rollercoaster; as always, we intend to really make an experience for the listener. So, what are you waiting for? Come and take a spiritual voyage with us into an ethereal realm...” -Fletch

Manifesting a restless nightmare from the eerily delicate piano melodies through to epic cinematic metal arrangements, “Dissonant Whispers” celebrates the atmospheric capabilities of DISCONNECTED SOULS merged with their love of the tabletop role playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Not only broadening their own horizons of musicality the ensemble also strives to enhance the listening experience and open the minds of their audience. The stark contrasts of dark and light across the instrumentation and vocals heightens the uncanny mood. Holly’s soaring cleans, keys and orchestration, deliver a chaotic divergence from Patrick’s edgy cleans, demonic harsh along with dynamic electronics and heavy distortion.

DISCONNECTED SOULS’ sound continues to evolve as the quintet thrive on embracing a vast array of influences, both musical and conceptual. “Dissonant Whispers” unveils a Gothic and discordant theatricality not previously seen. Beware the whispers so dissonant

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