Today, the Amsterdam based modern metal band Gallamesh releases their second single: ‘Servants of Ira’. The follow-up to debut ‘Stingrays’ has a massive modern sound and groove: an instantly addictive track, from its trap-beat intro to the epic guitar solo.

Lyrically the song is inspired by Dhiravamsa’s ‘The dynamic way of meditation’ in which he references the Buddha's story of an anger-eating demon. The demon effortlessly provoked quarrels and causing national or racial hatred was no challenge. Once a war began, the demon could gorge himself effortlessly because war multiplies hate. “The story is intended to show how we can either feed the demon with our anger, or starve the demon by simply observing anger and choosing love instead,” singer/lyricist Kees explains. “In this song we paint a picture of the demon, and we name it Ira.”

'Servants of Ira' is the second single from the band’s debut EP 'Conditioned Pt. 1’ which is set for release June 20th and was largely recorded by guitarist Jeroen himself. During the pandemic, he focused on producing and mixing and built his own studio. Drums were recorded at Springtone Sound in Amsterdam, and the songs were mastered by Daan Nieboer (Cornerstone Audio).

Gallamesh is an Amsterdam-based modern metal band, taking their influences from metalcore, hardcore punk and modern death-metal, blending the big riffs of Chimaira, the vocals of Lamb of God and the chugs of Kublai Khan TX. For Gallamesh, it's all about their high-energy live performances, bringing the intensity, getting sweaty, and leaving stages in ruins.

Gallamesh is Kees van Ekeren on vocals, Sander van Gelswijck on bass, guitar by Jeroen van der Lee and Guus van Gemert, and Niek Hubregtse on drums. These last three have been making music together for over 10 years, and their previous band X Raiders brought them to studios like Wisseloord and Split Second Sound, and festivals like FortaRock, Zwarte Cross and Paaspop.

After playing the same music style for 10 years, it’s incredibly liberating to start a new band. Gallamesh is our ultimate outlet, where we are free to play whatever we feel like,” Guus explains. “Old school hardcore riffs? Sure! Modern death-metal? Why not! Hip-hop trap beat? Fuck yeah!

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