Rocky Horror Show at Rockhal from 27 February to 1 March 2015!

Discover the enfant terrible of the musical genre!

Tons of sex appeal, naughty glamour and its outrageously fast pace have established The Rocky Horror Show's cult status among the musicals of this world. It's groovy, it's torrential, it's trashy and lustful... it's a bizarre rock 'n' roll spectacular! “Don't Dream It, Be It.” For 30 years, this lyric has defined the philosophy of Rocky Horror. Written at the peak of a social revolution, Dr. Frank N. Furter's refrain was embraced by fans who celebrated the liberation from traditional boundaries and the intoxicating empowerment of radical individualism. One part rock concert, one part twisted morality play, Rocky Horror isn't a show for delicate sensibilities... You will be amazed by that most irresistible dance craze, The Time Warp!

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