Deeper released their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Auto-Pain, almost exactly one year ago. The band was on the cusp of a full year of touring, coming off of a European run with Twin Peaks and a triumphant NYC release show at Rough Trade, including headline tours in North America and Europe and coveted opening slots when the pandemic began and dashed all of those plans. Instead of succumbing to what could easily have been a devastating blow to a band whose star is on the rise, Deeper decided to hunker down, regroup and took a new tact in enlisting Working Mens Club to re-imagine their debut single from 2020. What began as an aggressive and angular post-punk anthem to beating back the depths of Chicago winters has been twisted and re-shaped into a glitchy, erratic electronic track with bone-rattling bursts of bass that drive this eerie track. Working Mens Club create a world of skittering drums and pops of techno noise that distort “This Heat” into something barely recognizable but thoroughly captivating. You can hear the new remix here and stay tuned as Deeper have more collaborations and new music in store for the one year anniversary of Auto-Pain.

Deeper are also announcing a one-off live performance filmed at the Chicago Cultural Center on March 27th for the anniversary of the release of Auto-Pain. You can find tickets for the livestream via Noonchorus HERE.


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