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Ahead of their imminent album Five, released on February 01, 2109 through [PIAS] Recordings White Lies have today shared the video for new track Believe It.

A thing of enigmatic beauty the video shot in Tijuana, Mexico is directed by Mexican Academy of Film Award winning film director David Pablos – who describes the video “as a portrait of my hometown , Tijuana” and explains the approach behind the video; not only the urban landscape, but its life, filled with contrasts and contradictions: a city of immigrants with a border wall that crosses it. What fascinates me the most about it is the ‘otherness’, that is, the people who are rarely seen, but also confirm the identity of the city. I wanted to give them a voice; from the ones lost in bars from the red-light district, to the new wave of migrants, mostly Haitians. All of them give life to Tijuana. I wanted to portray them with empathy and respect.”

As bassist and lyricist Charles Cave explains; “he had made two very different videos for us on our last album, so we felt confident to hand over the song, for him to utilise us as actors and orchestrate his personal vision.” That wasn’t the only past connection as Cave continues; “the stronger of the two videos was shot in Tijuana, a place that David has a deep connection with, and the chosen backdrop for his latest film. We shot in such a plethora of locations for the video that portrays the unique spread of existences within the border city and to a greater degree within Mexico as a country.

“This is not, per se, a political video,” says Cave “but rather a film about humans, about the homes humans make for themselves and the lives they cultivate within and around those homes. It is an undeniably Mexican world shown, but can, and should be easily transposed to any country, any city, any town. he continues; “the themes are universal. The track is about the efforts people make to stay sane, and the people who profit from those efforts. Whilst not a literal response to the lyrics, the video is undeniably a film that echoes those sentiments of the desire for health, and wellbeing, and the many obstacles that get in the way of that pursuit.”

Having written their broadest collection of songs to date, the band assembled an array of A-list collaborators from across their ten-year career - Ed Buller, Alan Moulder and Flood all adding their prowess to the process. There is a steely self-assurance about the band in these songs, a pushing of boundaries that stretches White Lies’ sound into exhilarating new territory.

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