Doom outfit TOMMY STEWART'S DYERWULF has unveiled a cover of BLOODROCK's "Melvin Laid an Egg", featuring a guest appearance by Patrick Salerno of GRAVE NEXT DOOR on drums.

Vocalist Tommy Stewart comments:

"'Melvin Laid an Egg' is a bluesy, 70s riff rocker from BLOODROCK that I have loved for a long time. Seemingly a random, odd, and quirky thing to do, like the song itself, I suddenly had the idea to record it spontaneously with Patrick Salerno, drummer who was visiting. No reason, he was standing there and I just wanted to, now! So no rehearsal and we're going! I had been wanting to work a slide on my bass for a whole song anyway. On a suddenly wonderful, and weird whim, it was done in a take or two. After some overdubbed depp 'wulf' back vox, TSD drummer Dennis Reid was called over to add some magic percussion touches which, all together, made it truly a TSD recording."

Watch the video here:


TOMMY STEWART'S DYERWULF is a two-piece doom metal band featuring drummer Dennis Reid and bassist, vocalist Tommy Stewart (HALLOWS EVE, producer, owner Black Doomba Records). TSD’s first show was in 2016 and have since consistently done USA tours. Sharing bills with COC, PENTAGRAM, THE SKULL, THE OBSESSED, YEAR OF THE COBRA, and festivals including Maryland Doom Fest 2021 and Snowblind Festival 2022, new shows are planned for 2024. Releases include several singles, an EP, and two full albums, the latest being Doomsday Deferred (2021). The newest release is “Melvin Laid an Egg”, a BLOODROCK cover, which includes a guest appearance by Patrick Salerno of GRAVE NEXT DOOR on drums. The band is in a heavy writing and recording phase now with plans to release several singles, videos, and two albums in 2024.

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