His latest album FEVER was originally released on March 13th earlier this year, the world was just in the early stages of shutting down everyday life as we knew it. Borders were quickly closed, social distancing guidelines were being laid out and, of course, all concerts and social gatherings were cancelled for the immediate future.

This meant that, among many other changes Thomas was suddenly faced with a very blank schedule and a whole lot of time on his hands. Instead of going on tour and playing the music -they had been working on for a year- live in front of an audience like planned, Thomas was going to have to find something else to do with his time.

Thomas: “Luckily for me and my studio partner and co-producer Håvard Rosenberg we absolutely LOVE working in the studio. We had the biggest bout of ‘finished album blues’ ever when we locked the final mix for FEVER and wished we could just keep it going in the same direction for months more. Well, it turned out that we could. Indeed it was the only

thing we could really do and after the obligatory first week of living on the couch in PJs we jumped at it.”

CABIN FEVER is basically just to be viewed as an extended version of FEVER. One that they will continue adding songs to as long as they’re confined to the studio and touring is off limits. Thomas: “We will add the songs as we finish them and we have no idea how many songs will be added in the end. We will just keep it going. The songs are in the same style and vibe as the rest of the FEVER record and the songs will naturally reflect the mood, emotional rollercoaster, excessive drinking, worry and sometimes boredom this time has presented us with.”

The first track out from CABIN FEVER is Hard Liquor, It’s pretty self explanatory. Hard Li- quor comes out June 19.

“All the best and stay safe, I can’t wait to meet you all again at a place where music is played live!!” - Thomas

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