Following up their previous single “Scallywag”, an irreverent song mocking silly superstitions, false mysticism and money-grabbing clairvoyants, The Lancasters return with a whole different beast of a single, called “Goodnight.”

The rock trio delivers a heartfelt song, a melancholic, passionate and explosive poem for those who feel connected to someone special despite being far apart, something we all can relate to in these times.

The Lancasters comment:

  • “This is a hymn about two souls far apart and the forces that keep them together despite everything; their true desire and love create the strongest bond that holds them together and in balance.
  • “We’ll fly over the ocean as soon as the day comes” resonates like a promise we make, to overcome our own limits and do something for those who deserve our heart. It's a melancholic message of hope: the darker the night gets, the more the light will shine when we see the dawn rise.”

Presented with a visually captivating video by Stefano Vanoni, “Goodnight” reflects references that define both old and new rock music, standing somewhere between tradition and innovation, mixing 1970s British rock influences with more recent expressions of guitar-driven sounds.

The contrast between “Goodnight” and the previous single “Scallywag” demonstrates how versatile the band can be in their songwriting. They are capable to come up with something of their own, yet to follow the footsteps of influential acts such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pond, T Rex and Black Sabbath.

“Goodnight” continues the collaboration between The Lancasters and the California-based label Fuzzy Cracklins Presents and the Italian label Rivertale Productions.

Watch the video:

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