Sydney teenage punks The Kids have released their debut single, 'School' on 19th February.

The Kids funnel teenage rage through their rock-fueled punk engine. Submerging themselves in bands ranging from Toe to Toe, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Descendents, to Black Flag and the Sex Pistols to name a few they reinterpret this genre for the 21st century. The Kids are literally Kids. No one is over 15 years old, all of them have a rebellious streak that screams out loud in their music!

Do you remember when you were 16? It was you against the world ‘cause the world was against you. Being a kid in today’s world is harder than ever before. Social and family pressures, the expectations of your teachers and your peers, the fallout from a selfie gone’s a jungle out there and only kids understand. That’s where The Kids step in to take over. Taking all those things that make teenage life difficult, wrapping them up in a ball of punk fuelled rage and spitting them back at the world that created them.

With influences taken directly from the original punk-rock of the early 80’s and 90’s, The Kids channel their teenage angst through rough and ready riffs, massive drums and vocals that are the voice of a generation trying to be heard and finally understood. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a band as loud and abrasive as this wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Teens are angry and The Kids play angry music. Songs about girls, broken homes, school, the search for happiness, people and shitty situations. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Second single 'I Just Wanna Be Happy' is slated for release on 30th April with the similarly titled album set for release on the 11th May.

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The Kids are led by their extremely busy top drummer, Jagger Alexander, and at just 15 years of age he is already in three professional bands (The Kids, Moon and New Trends). Jagger has honed his life experiences writing their entire debut album I Just Wanna Be Happy which will be released by Golden Robot Records in May 2018.

The Kids have already supported a slew of top Aussie and international acts and have taken the stage from Frankies and The Cherry Bar all the way to LA’s famous Whisky A Go-Go! With influences ranging from Nirvana, RATM, Bad Brains, all the way back to Black Flag, The Descendants and the Pistols, The Kids re-interpret punk rock for a new generation, making it their own in the process!

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