After "Looking For Each other" (2021), a first electro-pop EP that revealed a band with a unique touch, Stain Of Light announce "Simple Things", a 4-track EP set to be released all throughout the year, track by track. The duo begins with "I Believe In Science", a song that also illustrates their indie-folk identity, now much closer to their live performances.

To highlight this new angle, the band teamed up with drummer Loric Matthez and experimented with various instruments (charango, etc.). This resulted in 4 intimate, organic, and resolutely folk songs. And if a few synths still appear sporadicall, it's the ummatched voice of Natacha Nicod and the guitar sound, inspired by Lucien Naclerio, that set the tone of all 4 tracks. Lyrics wise too, the band has evolved. The rebellious tone that inhabited "Looking For Each Other" is set aside in favor of a more peaceful tone on "Simple Things".

The 4 tracks of "Simple Things" will be released one by one throughout the year, tied together by an ambitious 4-part music video. The EP was produced by Joris Amann (Bastian Baker's guitarist) and recorded at Makava Studio in Lausanne at the end of 2022-beginning of 2023. Composed for the most part during the band's shows, the tracks were mixed and mastered by Joe Grasso.

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