Philadelphia’s Traditional American Heavy Metal band, Corners of Sanctuary (COS), release their new video "Calling A New Day;" capping off the very successful campaign for “Blood and Steel: Volume One” as the band gears up to roll out the 2nd part of the double issue, "Blood And Steel" Volume Two" later this summer.

''Calling a New Day' is a song about knowing that even when things seem bleak, possibly even final...they can turn around...there is a light at the end of the tunnel...we just need to keep looking for it. Having hope can make all the difference." Mick Michaels (Guitar) Corners Of Sanctuary

"Blood And Steel" Volume One is the first of the two part EP series which takes the band to a grittier, even darker musical landscape to showcase their original modern-classic Heavy Metal sound and style and the upcoming Volume Two offers more of the same.

Produced by COS founder, primary songwriter and guitarist Mick Michaels and mastered by Blood Feast guitarist and studio owner and engineer, CJ Scioscia (who has worked with Ross the Boss and Mike LePond of Symphony X). “Blood and Steel: Volume One” offers a new take on the band’s signature sound and style. Maintaining their traditionally inspired riffing and arrangements, this release delivers an ongoing battery of classically fueled thump and drive from the collective efforts of members: Bassist James Pera, Drummer Mad T, Guitarist Mick Michaels and Vocalist Frankie Cross.

Corners of Sanctuary has struck a major chord with headbangers worldwide who thrive and desire the classic sound of Heavy Metal for the modern age. Because of their hard work and determination, the band has partnerships with several companies which include endorsements from GHS Strings, Coffin Cases, Samsun Cymbals, Sinister Guitar Picks, The Sweet Spots, Sledgepad Innovations, CooperGroove Percussion, George L’s Guitar Cables and Fireplant Guitars. In addition to clothing and accessories deals with Vagabond Entertainment Group, Vagabond Shwag and Apparel and Metal Babe Mayhem.

"Blood And Steel: Volume One" is Available now at:

Track listing:
1. Calling a New Day
words and music by Mick Michaels

2. In the Heat of the Fight
words and music by Mick Michaels

3. We All Shall Fall
words and music by Mick Michaels and Mad T

4. A Fitting End*
words and music by Mick Michaels

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