Hot off the heels of their tour with The Darkness and announcement of a busy summer, Rews release video for new track "Monsters". “This band knows how to write a harmony and Tohill’s slashing, driving guitar licks set the scene for this up-beat and uplifting slice of alt rock/pop” – Chord Blossom.

Northern Irish founded Rews are back with their next single "Monsters", the band’s follow up to empowerment anthem "Birdsong". The track is an expression of an inner battle and aims to be an anthem for positive mental health showing the protagonist in the video, metaphorically taking on the battle with the inner critic. Balancing their old sound with a new grunge statement, their new concept and lyricism is a cathartic release for Shauna Tohill and her progression as an artist and her journey in Rews.

'Monsters' is a song about taming your inner critic or inner monsters. I want this song to be a positive source of inspiration and strength for all who struggle with the harsh words of their inner critic. Together, we can pull through those darker days & you will come to see that you wonderful as you are”.

The track shows the true power and emotion in Shauna’s writing and allows her to express her opinion and journey with mental health in a track that keeps an upbeat energy and flow throughout. Commenting directly on the video, Tohill said: “I really wanted to produce a creative, thought provoking video that had a metaphorical representation on the meaning behind 'Monsters'. Because the song is dark yet empowering one, I was keen to capture something that represented both of those things drawing inspiration from the likes of the Black Mirror series meets Foo Fighters fun. It was during the brainstorming session that Callum (Jupp, director) and I collaborated and came up with the storyline which was to try and tell a story that we can all connect with”.

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