After releasing their first EP "Soulless Elements" at the beginning of the year, Novere is back with their new single "Icarus" which further pushes the band down into that post-metal melancholy that is becoming their signature sound.

Listen to the new single at this location:

"Icarus" is a one-track story about rejecting dogmas that limit and dwarf our human existence. These social, political, or religious constraints tear our minds as invisible chains and drive our paths like a yoke. The title was chosen with clear reference to Greek mythology, to celebrate the rebellious protagonist who despite odds, defied the sun and aimed to reach the gods.

The ultimate message behind the song is that even after being condemned by those around him, Icarus, as an individual, will remain untouchable, standing behind his own truth, feeling real in his pain. Over these 8 minutes of music, Novere tries to bring the listeners through a dense emotional journey, exposing them up to the heat of the sun before crashing them down to the icy water of the sea where the body of Icarus ends up lying.

We believe music is beautiful when it's real. Heavier when it's vulnerable. Powerful when it's true.

Based in North London and formed in 2020, Novere is a collaboration of international musicians.

Summary of main events so far:
Dec 2021: First EP release and debut live with Dawnwalker and Astral Bodies
March 2022: First tour accompanied by This Sun No More
11 April 2022 : 1 DAY session at Bear Bites Horse studio with Wayne Adams to record the new single Icarus.

Release Show:
25 June: Icarus Release show at The Dev (Camden) with The Grey, This Sun No More and Vandampire.

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