Tamar spent her childhood in San Francisco and it was then that she was first introduced to rock, folk, blues and country music. These musical genres had a huge impact on her and at the age of 6 she already knew what she wanted to do with her life; it was then that she asked for a guitar. She has been investigating the wonders of that instrument, and of music in general, ever since.

Although she is, in many ways, very Israeli, Tamar also felt a strong connection to music from overseas, growing up with the tunes of Carole King, Ben Harper, Suzanne Vega, Jimmy Hendrix, The Cure, Ani Difranco, Eric Clapton and others. These influences made her feel like somewhat of an outsider on the Israeli scene, but despite these feelings, or perhaps thanks to them, she found her true self and brought these conflicts into her music.

Tamar Eisenman is one of Israel's unique voices. This young yet experienced artist brings an accurate combination of vulnerability and ruggedness, shyness and extroversion, rock & folk, all these blend into a fabulous musical concoction. In 2009 & 2011 Eisenman released her second and third self-produced albums ("Gymnasium" & "Time for Creation") which were highly praised by local media.

In 2011 Tamar was chosen to open for legend guitar player Jeff Beck in Caesarea . Tamar also preformed and worked with great artists as a guitarist, co-producer, producer, composer and singer. Her collaboration with Asaf Avidan resulted in several duos, which took place in both artists’ albums.

Tamar’s fourth album "ON MY WAY" will be released in Belgium and worldwide in september 2014. This album will also include a duet with Asaf Avidan (“One Day…), "HIT ME" first single from her new album "ON MY WAY"

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