The album is 11 tracks and 45 minutes of jangly clean guitars, driving bass, and maudlin vocals. The album sees expanded creativity from the debut EP with influences not only from neofolk but also post punk, goth rock, and post black metal.

"It's a shame it's taken five years to get here" says frontman Sea Wolf. "Better late than never, right? The world is a very different place here in 2020 compared to 2015. In 2015, fascists still hid in their bedrooms and basements, but here in 2020 they are literally out on the streets killing people. It's a crazy world we live in - I'm hoping these songs provide some respite from all the madness swirling around this poor dying Earth."

Antifascist Neofolk is available now as a download from The album is also available to be streamed from Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and many other streaming networks.


01) Grey Depths

02) Sea Wolves of the Atlantic

03) Crownless

04) South London

05) The Process

06) White Hell

07) Nonpartisan

08) Devil's Due

09) Faithless

10) Antifascist Neofolk

11) Black Heaven

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