Indianapolis sludge punks and lords of the funderground MILQUETOAST bring the ruckus on their debut album, Caterwaul. Mastered by Chris Fielding of the mighty CONAN, MILQUETOAST's heavy punk fuzz and party sludge will appeal to fans of west coast anarchy like DEAD KENNEDY's and BLACK FLAG, the thicc riffs of ELECTRIC WIZARD, and early grunge like MELVINS, MUDHONEY and NIRVANA. Mix all those wily influences with Mike Judge's irreverent satire and you get Milquetoast.

On stage, MiILQUETOAST climb anything in sight and truly make the venue their playground. The trio is similarly adventurous on Caterwaul. Song to song, they mutate from the primal thrust of hardcore punk to cosmic stoner doom and surf rock and a thousand other weirdo microgenres. The recording and mixing by Tucker Thomasson (Throne of Iron) captures their raw live energy. The deranged artwork by Ellie Shvaiko speaks to the album's jubilant chaos. I mean, look at that god damn artwork. Punk rock? More like PINK ROCK, amirite? This is one of those bands and albums you use to bludgeon a jaded friend who thinks punk is too predictable. Press play and get weird 'n' wild with Milquetoast.

Caterwaul is out January 28th from Wise Blood Records on digital, CD, and cassette. Order a copy or stream MILQUETOAST's singles on Bandcamp:

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