Italian chaotic hardcore force INFALL is currently gearing up to return with their brand new album, "Far", to be released on November 14th, 2022. It's the band's first new studio release after more than five years. The first single "Stamina" is now streaming HERE.

"Far" was recorded in July 2021 by Enrico Baraldi (Ornaments, Collars) at Vacuum Studio in Bologna, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studio in Salem (MA) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (NY) in November-December 2021.

01. Check Pulse
02. Heritage
03. Not Even a Scratch
04. Triumphant March
05. Spring Peace
06. Love, Karina
07. Good Morning Lethargy
08. Mistress of Disorder
09. Stamina
10. Because of the Blue
11. Man Down
12. Forever Mine

"Far", which combines hardcore, grind, math and post hardcore elements, is the rawest and darkest expression of the band's sound, which finds its own peculiar identity in this work. The production returns an organic, natural and unedited sound, recalling the band’s live performance.

“Far” talks about distance in all its forms. The album begins with the memory of a loved one undergoing pain therapy, during which emerges the infinite distance that separates two people apparently very close. From this point on, each song represents various manifestations of "distance": social, cultural, ideological, religious and, sometimes, of the individual himself from its own being.

The epilogue of the album in fact tells the local story of a man who begins to travel, trying to fill the loss of his wife. The journey leads to nothing but to the extreme decision to take his own life: "all that remains, is the dark of a void, full of my miles, but empty of me".

“Here we are, far, far apart from each other. Universes, blending, touching, nowhere near " (Check Pulse)

The album will be released in November 2022 by Controcanti Produzioni, Mothership Records, Fresh Outbreak Records, Itawak Records, Tomb Tree Tapes and Flames Don’t Judge Prod.

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