I’m Indigo, a Toronto-based pop songstress. Melding my DNA of pop with my love of hip hop and R&B, my music finds balance between cheeky lines, heavy dance beats and rhythmic delivery.

My latest offering, “Rehearsal,” takes you into my fantasy world of sexual expression using dance as a sultry poetic landscape. Produced by Lantz, this single is the second release off of my saucy forthcoming debut EP.

I’ve always had a passion for dance and I was inspired to write a song that used the themes of movement to tell a story of lust and fantasy. I just wanted to write something that made me feel sexy, and I think it’s important as a woman to speak freely about sex and what it is that makes me feel powerful in my sensuality.

I hope my listeners will feel confident, saucy and powerful and get lost in the moment and the music.

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