Philadelphia Sabbath-worthy apocalypse igniters HIGH REEPER debut their sophomore album "Higher Reeper" in its entirety, before its imminent release on March 22 via HPS Records. Headbang or die!

Kerrang recently praised HIGH REEPER's new album: "High Reeper aren’t focused on just retreading old ground; as one of the bands keeping Philly’s snotty attitude alive, they’re always looking to break new ground and inspire impressionable degenerates. (...) But most of all, a band like High Reeper thrives on huge riffs, and on tracks like Eternal Leviathan, Bring The Dead, and Barbarian, the Reep supplies listeners with such pendulous guitar parts as to make the listener wonder how they come up with so many giant bangers."

And HIGH REEPER aren't fucking around: the sound and smell of leather, weed and death (with a hint of Campari and cocaine) get all blended to form eight tracks of the purest, most genuine heavy metal ever. Witness the craze through their fist pump-inducing new video '“Bring The Dead“ .

With the addition of their new drummer Justin Di Pinto, the band has managed to focus their sound and expand it at the same time. The record is darker and heavier compared to their first offering, with guitars that will crush your mind and lyrics that paint a picture of the world nearing its end. While the sound of 'Higher Reeper' is more focused, at the same time it manages to be more complex and varied. With tracks ranging from ones as heavy as the album opener, “Eternal Leviathan”, to even an ethereal ballad “Apocalypse Hymn”, this LP will take you all the way to hell and leave you there to rot. Once again produced, engineered and mixed by bass player Shane Trimble at TTR studios and Delwood Sound and mastered by Mike Tarsia. Solomacello created the incredible cover that captures the mood of the record while giving a nod to classic heavy metal.

HIGH REEPER "Higher Reeper"
Out March 22nd on Heavy Psych Sounds

Formed in 2016, HIGH REEPER is made up of Zach Thomas, Justin Di Pinto, Andrew Price, Pat Daly and Shane Trimble. Originally started as just a studio band, it rapidly became apparent that these songs were meant to be heard live and loud. The band made their debut in the Philly/DE stoner rock scene in early 2017 with success which was followed up by the recording of their self-titled debut in May. With a sound deeply rooted in modern stoner rock while still giving a nod to the earliest Sabbath records, HIGH REEPER's first offering is driven by pounding rhythms, thick guitars and soaring, screeching vocals. For their upcoming album 'Higher Reeper', the band evolved their sound into an even more powerful direction, filled with the fiercest riffs by an up-and-coming band sounding heavier than ever! After a successful 2018 European tour that included Desertfest Berlin and in support of the band's new album, HIGH REEPER will be heavily touring again next year with an extensive live schedule to be announced soon and which will also hold an appearance at the legendary Desertfest London 2019.


  • 18.04.2019 IT Pescara-Scumm
  • 19.04.2019 IT Cecina-Spazio Live Ritmi
  • 20.04.2019 IT Parma-Splinter
  • 21.04.2019 IT Verona
  • 22.04.2019 IT Zerobranco-Maximum Fest
  • 23.04.2019 IT Torino-Blah Blah
  • 24.04.2019 FR Chambery-Brin Du Zinc
  • 25.04.2019 CH Martigny-Sunset Bar
  • 26.04.2019 CH Oberentfelden-Borom Pom Pom
  • 27.04.2019 DE Kempten-13th Floor Kulturetage
  • 28.04.2019 AT Salzburg-Rockhouse
  • 29.04.2019 IT Trieste
  • 30.04.2019 AT Bludenz-Villa K
  • 01.05.2019 DE Augsburg-City Club
  • 02.05.2019 DE Tubingen-Goldene Zeiten
  • 03.05.2019 DE Mannheim-7er
  • 04.05.2019 BE Liege-La Zone
  • 05.05.2019 UK London-Desert Fest
  • 07.05.2019 DE Frankfurt-DKK

  • 08.05.2019 DE Oldenburg-Mts Records
  • 09.05.2019 DK Copenhagen-Lygtens Kro
  • 10.05.2019 SW Malmoe-Plan B
  • 11.05.2019 DK Esbjerg-Esbjerg Fuzzfest
  • 12.05.2019 DE Berlin-Toast Hawaii
  • 13.05.2019 DE Leipzig-Black Label
  • 14.05.2019 DE Erfurt tba
  • 15.05.2019 DE Dresda-Chemo
  • 16.05.2019 AT Wien-Kramladen
  • 17.05.2019 AT Innsbruck-PMK
  • 18.05.2019 CH Altdorf-Vogelslang

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