Woke is a collaborative work between Grosso Gadgetto, Pink Room & Oddateee.

This 5 track EP started as a one hour improvisation session between Pink Room & Grosso Gadgetto somewhere between the 1st and the 2nd French confinement. On one side, Pink Room with her modular synth, and on the other, Grosso Gadgetto with a virtual synthesizer. This resulted in a drone-ish session, that has then been chopped into the 5 tracks foundations around which the artists constructed beats, bass, synths, and even flute melodies. All this with a grimy spirit and sound.

Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room & Oddateee - Birth [Woke] ☆☆☆☆☆ - YouTube

1. Birth (Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room)
2. 13 (Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room & Oddateee)
3. Once Upon A Hood (Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room & Oddateee)
4. Timeline Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room & Oddateee)
5. Final Tape (Bonustrack, Grosso Gadgetto & Pink Room)

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