Finding its musical touch-points in the future R’n’B vibes of Polica and the left-field transient pop of Grimes, Gazel’s latest is a haunting, innovative and utterly gripping new release.

Each of Gazel’s releases is sung from the perspective of a unique character, called a Soul, that lives in the subconscious mind. Arriving as the next instalment in a continued story arc that follows a teenage girl and her journey across the desert, “Mina’s Hymn” finds our protagonist encountering an unsettling new character that emerges from her unconscious mind.

As Gazel details:

‘“Mina’s Hymn” is sung from the perspective of a widow who watches memories of her youth on a loop. In the context of Gazel’s Book of Souls, the Widow is the Soul within us who is drawn to bitterness, longing, and refusal to acknowledge what is.’

With previous single ‘Pointing At The Moon’, Gazel invited her listeners into an enchanting world of dizzying drama and curious characters that begins in the mysterious The Turning Library. Catch up on the adventures of the opening chapter by watching the first video for it

Working alongside top-tier talent the likes of Haydn Bendall (Kate Bush, Massive Attack) and Shuta Shinoda (Ghostpoet, Hot Chip), plus with artwork contributions and interactive fiction from the minds of Acid Lake, it’s clear there are plenty who already believe in this vibrant new talent.

A uniquely genre-bending artist and raconteur, Gazel fuses electronic sounds with philosophical influences for a spine-tingling result that she calls “music from a fractured mindscape.”

Complex and compelling, these first two singles by this highly creative London-based singer/producer Gazel are sure to firmly place her on new music radars scoping for the freshest 2019 talent.

After a string of SOLD OUT headline shows across London recently, fans hoping for a sneak peak of where Gazel’s protagonist is headed next will be able to catch her at a headline date at the Pickle Factory in Hackney on 21st November.

Tickets on sale now, available here:

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