Begian fivesome For I Am just released their second full album called 'Late Bloomers' throught Bearded Punk Records (BE), Sound Speed Records (US), Punk & Disorderly Records (CAN), Lockjaw Records (UK), La Agonía De Vivir (ES), Fond Of Life Records (DE), No Reason Records (IT), Milestone Sounds (JAP) & Trilob Records (NL). Their new sound can be described as blasting, powerful pop punk with fast drums, catchy guitar riffs and melodic, yet raucous (female) vocals.

Late Bloomers is what we are ourselves as a band, really. It shows how much we’ve matured in every way… in our music, in our lyrics and definitely in the time and effort we’ve put into creating this album. We truly hope people will see and hear that growth and will want to grow together with us!” – Hanne, vocalist

A preview review by described the album as follows: “First listen through, I was waiting for the filler. 15 tracks can’t all be this magnificent, can they? Believe me, they can. I waited in vain for the duff track, the self-indulgent ballad, the pointlessly obtuse jazz chord progression. Nada. Zip. Just joyous, raucous bubblegum punk that soars and thunders.“

After playing festivals like Groezrock, Brackrock & Punk Rock Holiday and touring Japan in 2019, the band is eager to promote the new album to full extent, exploring new markets, festivals, countries etc. over the course of the year(s) to come.

Prior to creating Late Bloomers, the band also released an EP (15 Minutes Late, 2015) and full album (All About Perspectives, 2017).

Find a link to For I Am’s latest single off the new album, “Die Hard”, here:

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