With much pleasure we're thrilled to have Worldhaspostrock host the premiere of the brand new Collapse Under The Empire single and video Beyond Us! Fom melancholy synthie surfaces and guitar sounds, Collapse Under The Empire give their ideas free reign. The new single Beyond Us captivates with a futuristic iciness that lets the sound float through a wide, cool desert dominated by crystalline structures.

Thematically, the video single treats current events in the world. Society has come to a standstill because of our own living habits and greed and environmental destruction have wiped out all life. Humans have freed the earth of resources. It is designed a fantastic dystopia, a sci-fi mosaic. The video for the new single Beyond Us brings the topic to the point. It leaves a picture of mystery. A kind of philosophical and psychological fiction. Why is our society doomed to failure?

Beyond Us is a harbinger from the forthcoming album Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us (April 2020) and combines everything that Collapse Under The Empire has awarded in recent years: intrusive synthetic sounds with guitar walls and an unmistakable sound!

Watch videoclip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObfuPOoyaQE&feature=youtu.be

In other news, on December 13, 2019 Collapse Under The Empire will release a 4xLP box-set titled The End Of Something, for the 10th anniversary of the band!

You can pre-oder the limited to 150 copies box set here before it is sold out: https://collapseundertheempire.com/shop/the-end-of-something/

The Postrock project Collapse Under The Empire has been in existence for 10 (!) years now. For the anniversary, the band is aimed directly at their most loyal fans and will release a vinyl box. This box is much more than just a compilation of old material. It contains 38 songs, i.a. 2 brand new tracks, rarities, sampler contributions and B-sides that have not been on vinyl before and have been re-mastered. There is something from every era of the band. The songs are pressed on four colored vinyl-12 inches, there will be a 36-page booklet and a printed slipmat. Everything packed in a high quality, signed and handnumbered box. This box is made especially for the fans.

The band released their debut album Systembreakdown in 2009. Since then, Collapse Under The Empire has released instrumental, experimental and highly atmospheric music on seven studio albums and four EPs and several singles that cover the musical styles from post-rock to ambient to ice-cold electronica. Collapse Under The Empire have established themselves internationally in the post-rock scene since their second album Find A Place To Be Safe (2010) and have made a name for themselves. Rock Sound, Q-Magazine and Clash are always enthusiastic about the cinematic and independent sound of the band. Since 2012, the band has released their music on their own label Finaltune Records. In 2020 the duo will release a brand new studio album, stay tuned for details!

Here is the 10 Years Retrospective Box-Set (2009-2019) in detail:

  • 4 Vinyls
  • 38 tracks (tracklist below!)
    • new tracks (inkl. single Beyond Us)
    • unreleased b-sides & rarities
    • the best songs of the past 10 years
  • colored vinyls (A/B effect black & white)
  • 36 page booklet
  • slipmat
  • limited numbered edition
  • signed
  • new mastered sound


Vinyl 1-A

  1. Beyond Us (new single)

  2. Crawling

  3. Sacrifice (single remix)

  4. The Slient Cry

  5. Closer

Vinyl 1-B

  1. Find A Place To Be Safe

  2. The Last Reminder

  3. Stairs To The Redemption

  4. The Sky Is The Limit

Vinyl 2-A

  1. Everything Disappears (new)

  2. Dark Water

  3. The Silent Death

  4. Far To The Past

  5. A Broken Silence

Vinyl 2-B

  1. Anomaly (new)

  2. Anthem Of 44 (sampler)

  3. Disclosure

  4. 180 Seconds

  5. Breaking The Light

Vinyl 3-A

  1. Giants

  2. A Riot of Emotion

  3. Awakening

  4. Fragments Of A Prayer

  5. The Path

Vinyl 3-B

  1. Grade Seperation

  2. Low (b-side)

  3. We Are Close As This

  4. Environmental Obsession

  5. The End Falls

Vinyl 4-A

  1. Isolation

  2. The Forbidden Spark

  3. Depending On You

  4. Drowning (bonus)

Vinyl 4-B

  1. Black Moon Empire

  2. Violet Skies

  3. The Beauty Inside

  4. Spark (b-side)

  5. The Sirens Sound

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