Self-confident and authentic as usual, ENGST is back with the new single 'Wieder da'. Matthias Engst says: "WIEDER DA is our personal declaration of love to all those crazy people who celebrated the FLÄCHENBEAND album with us and still haven't had enough of us - the track goes straight from the heart into your ear." Their eagerly awaited second album »Schöne neue Welt« will be released on 30th of October 2020 via Arising Empire.

ENGST are ready to continue what they started with their successful debut album »Flächenbrand« and are thus not only rewarding themselves for years of hard work and stamina, but also all fans who have already discovered the potential of the Berlin band as support act for renowned bands like MASSENDEFEKT, BETONTOD and ROGERS. The album consists of a perfect combination of Matthias' gripping voice, overwhelming hooks and tearing guitars. One thing is clear: As soon as ENGST show up, the demolition is for sure!

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“We never cared what the masses are thinking, as long as you want us, we will return. We are back!”

On Sunday, August 9th, ENGST will premiere the music video for 'Wieder da' on YouTube at 12PM CET! Don't miss! Watch the premiere here:

Consisting of a group of close friends who teamed up around front man Matthias Engst, the band are typical children of Berlin - unmistakable, rough and down-to-earth. And until today, Matthias Engst is living in the capital's problem district where he has grown up. The experiences he made during his youth, the roughness of the neighborhood and the love for his hometown are main elements in ENGST's songs that rife with social criticism yet always maintain respect for Matthias' origins and roots.

After dealing with time pressure during the writing process of their debut album »Flächenbrand« and finishing some parts only minutes before entering the studio, ENGST finally had the chance to take all the time they needed on »Schöne neue Welt« – the second full-length release that once again captures the contrast between anger and hope, desolation and meaningful friendship, all melted in one captivating musical potpourri. The band concludes:

“We are once again taking a clear stand and there is still so much to stand up against in our society. We take all of it and toss it into their faces.... but still, we wouldn't be ENGST without friendship, solidarity and love.”

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