Available everywhere now, the album features score music written by the duo for the chilling horror film, which made its debut at last year's Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala and starring Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, Lia McHugh, Alicia Silverstone and Richard Armitage, The Lodge makes its US theatrical debut today via NEON.

Of the soundtrack, composers DANNY BENSI and SAUNDER JURRIAANS say, "Filmmakers Veronica Franz and Severin Fiala were so bold and masterful in creating a unique tone in The Lodge. Wrought with iconic imagery, surreal cinematography, and a slow-burning bleak storyline, we all agreed that a sinister and minimal avant-garde score was in order. A non-traditional score that echoes dread, severe tension, the supernatural, and the slow spiraling descent of someone who is helplessly losing touch with reality."

Track Listing:

1. The Lodge (1:25)
2. Balloons and Whispers (1:06)
3. Preparing (1:12)
4. Nose Bleeds and Crucifixes (0:48)
5. Ready to Go (1:42)
6. Scar (1:21)
7. The Ice (0:48)
8. The Painting (1:10)
9. Shrine (0:52)
10. Checking In (1:28)
11. Undercovers (0:41)
12. Nightmare (1:25)
13. Repent (1:26)
14. Should We Pray Now? (0:31)
15. The Cross House (1:50)
16. Flowers (2:07)
17. Crucifix (2:25)
18. Obituary (4:11)
19. We Have to Stop This (0:43)
20. Back To the Lodge (1:35)
21. Murder (2:06)
22. Sacrifice (2:28)
23. Last Supper (6:14)

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