SUMMONER's Joe Richner writes about his relationship with Black Sabbath and about choosing 'A National Acrobat: "The importance of Black Sabbath can't be overstated to the entire genre of metal, and our band is definitely no exception to this", tells the guitarist. "Sabbath is basically ground zero of where Summoner are coming from, both musically and how their unique vibe threads throughout every track. Personally, I was introduced to Black Sabbath when I was 11 years old from my father, whose dubbed cassette of 'Paranoid' I played constantly. The crushing riffs and dark imagery resonated with me as a young guitarist immediately. To this day, Black Sabbath is the benchmark we all look to. Tackling a Sabbath tune for this release was something we took very seriously, from getting the guitar and drum sounds, and most importantly trying to capture the feel and groove right. There were some liberties we wanted to take, little things where we could add Summoner’s stamp on the track, but overall we felt it should be done fairly faithfully. The parts in 'A National Acrobat' are so iconic and locked in to how the song flows, our own fingerprints are in the overdubs, adding our type of guitar and vocal harmonies, and in the production style. In the end, it came out as something we're all psyched on."

SUMMONER are certainly Magnetic Eye Records' flagship band. With their debut album "Phoenix", the Boston psych-metal warriors set the label's trajectory towards the overlapping realms of stoner rock, doom, and heavy psych. Over the course of three albums and appearances on several Redux releases, SUMMONER have honed a signature sound that draws heavily from classic 70's and early 80's heavy metal, as well as more modern spacefaring psychedelic metal, which perfectly fits their lyrical themes that revolve around science fiction and fantasy motifs. Led by the savory riffs and solos of guitarists AJ Peters and Joe Richner, and the soaring, layered vocals of bassist Chris Johnson, who also plucks the heavy strings for post-black metal luminaries Deafheaven, the Americans blast forth thunderous, catchy songs propelled beyond the realm of light and into oblivion. Already at work on their next proper album, SUMMONER's next release will be their "Day of Doom" live album this December.

1. EARTHLESS - Never Say Die
2. CAUSTIC CASANOVA - Wicked World
3. SUMMONER - A National Acrobat
4. BLACK ELECTRIC - Sweet Leaf
5. RWAKE - The Rwrit
7. YEAR OF THE COBRA - Planet Caravan
8. HIPPIE DEATH CULT - Fairies Wear Boots
9. LEATHER LUNG - Hole In The Sky
10. MOONER - The Wizard
11. SOLACE - Electric Funeral
12. HOWLING GIANT - Lord of this World
13. ELEPHANT TREE - Paranoid
14. BRUME - Solitude
15. SAINT KARLOFF - Sleeping Village

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