SENS DEP (Sensory Deprivation) is a band that creates textured noise, ambient and shoegaze. These sonic ruminations that explore ideas of control, restraint and abandon in equal measure.

Formed in 2009 by Andrew and Ben Yardley as a side project for Melbourne band Laura, the group's long-awaited debut album Lush Desolation will be released on the 30th of November 2020. Today the trio releases a new single titled Nebuvital which should appeal to all shoegazers and post-rockers out there! Nebuvital features bass loaded with vibrating tin and guitars pealing in the roof. A story of relieved tension from final days of barbiturate therapy...

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SENS DEP initially created sounds to accompany visual media, including installations and a film commission but this slowly took on the form of a live band Retail Fireworks and saw the group add Guy Roche and Pat Fitton to their lineup. With a sound that shifted between effects-laden guitar drones, noise, and electronic beats, Retail played a string of specially curated live shows around Melbourne.

In recent years the group has returned to its original incarnation SENS DEP, with an emphasis on recording. Consisting of Andrew Yardley (guitar/ bass/ vox/ production), Ben Yardley (guitars/ field recordings/ production), and Caz Gannell (electric and acoustic cello/ general noise).

Recorded over four years in a tin shed, an alpine hunter's hut, concrete inter zones, and the Tasmanian wilderness, Lush Desolation is as much a product of the environments it was recorded in as the ideas themselves. A sonic tension underpins much of the album, a delicate balance that isn't always resolved. Lyrically the record dissects the relationship between humans and our environment and how that dynamic continues to change, often beyond recognition. It's a challenging and transformative album, intimate and epic, a paean to the years of work that went into it.


1. New Dawn

2. The Gate

3. Lush Desolation

4. Server Hum, Deep Sleep

5. Nebuvital

6. Bound

7. To Build A Fire

8. Will You

9. Come Back For Me

10. Drowning Entanglement

11. Luckless Hunter

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