De in LA en Las Vegas gevestigde hardcore band Imperial Tide - Landon Hill, vocalen; William Barber, gitaar; Keene Dadian, gitaar; Tanner Galambas, bas; en Russel Schoenbeck, drums — hebben een video gedeeld voor hun in your face intens harde nieuwe single "Off the Leash." Bekijk deze hier.

De video is bedoeld om je aandacht te grijpen – en te behouden – zonder bullshit of een act op te voeren. "We wanted to make a music video that the audience could immediately identify who we were as a band," deelt Hill over de video. "No glitz or glamour — just raw, black and white, and in your face. We made the point to film this video entirely by ourselves, with no filter between us and the fans."

Hill vertelt verder over de diepere betekenis achter het nummer, "'Off the Leash' is about cutting off those around you with disingenuous motives. We build a support system through life and sometimes those we surround ourselves with don't have the drive or intentions to match. The lyric 'All Bark, No Bite' explains how some people just want to talk about what they want…but we're here to take action 'with nothing left to lose.'"

"Off the Leash" volgt na de release van “Slip” afgelopen jaar. Bekijk deze video hier.

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