Met 'Fahad Seriki, I Hate You' legt DVTCH NORRIS een deel van zijn ziel bloot, meer nog: een deel van zijn verborgen jeugd. Dingen die hij jarenlang verborgen heeft gehouden voor de buitenwereld en nu van zich afschrijft in krachtige songs op deze tweede EP. Release vrijdag 14 juni via alle online platformen.

DVTCH NORRIS is deze zomer nog te zien in Duitsland, Nederland, Frankrijk en België op festivals als Splash!, Down The Rabbit Hole, Couleur Café, Dour en Fire is Gold.

Oaktree was the last track I made. I was actually looking for an intro that would start off the EP with a bang. It's definitely experimental from my perspective. I'm not used to making dance music. The song goes on about me being nocturnal. I think more at night than during the day. That's when most ideas come to light. I usually bike around the village and talk to myself out loud.

It's the first and probably not the last time opening up on a track. Fahad Seriki (Me) is a very insecure person. A lot of that stems from me being placed in a special needs school at a young age. A secret that was kept out of shame and fear. The song is supposed to make you feel the outrage of a kid that went through a lot.

Ignorance is bliss. I hate being confronted by Fahad Seriki (me). I grew up in a very small town and had friends there that made me forget who I was. We did a lot of stuff we weren't supposed to do to make us feel better. I called it ‘Bobby Shmurda’ because of how I pronounce the letter 's' in the song

I think it's funny how everyone thinks it's a very uplifting ballad, when in reality it's actually very dark. When you meet someone special, you see that person as a blessing. But because you don't feel deserving of that person/blessing, insecurity kicks in and you start questioning everything. You don't get to enjoy life at that moment.

Speaking on depression, flaws and self-hatred can be quite exhausting after a while. I remember heading to Chuki's (Producer) studio in Ghent. K1D was there and we were all having a blast. We went off doing freestyles and that's how the track came to light. The EP needed some fun or else it would've been too dark and too serious.

I remember that one day, I had a radio show at The Word Radio at 4pm. I was in the bathroom around 2:30pm. I came out the shower and spent like an hour staring at my body trying to be happy with myself. The mirror fell and I accidentally cut myself. I showed up late to the show and had the worst performance ever. Days later Yann showed up with a demo I instantly fell in love with. I started writing about my mental state my experience of that one day.

I wrote this song on my birthday. It was the worst one to date. I just broke up with my ex a few weeks before then. I felt pretty shitty about hurting her. Every time you hurt a loved one, you hurt yourself. I hated being alone, especially when I thought I was gonna die after having heart complaints for a long period. She was always there. Even when deep down I knew I had to let her go, but I was too afraid to be alone. I find it hard to forgive myself for using her to fill my void.


  • 14.06 La Bellevilloise (Paris, FR)
  • 15.06 Daddy Cool (Heerlen, NL)
  • 28.06 Couleur Café (Brussel, BE)
  • 28.06 Park Feesters (Zele, BE)
  • 29.06 Ottertrotter (Mechelen, BE)
  • 07.07 Down The Rabbit Hole (Ewijk, NL)
  • 13.07 Splash! (Chemnitz, DE)
  • 14.07 Dour (Dour, BE)
  • 19.07 Welcome To The Village (Leeuwarden, NL)
  • 20.07 Moonfield Festival (Mol, BE)
  • 27.07 Zwart Goud Festival (Maasmechelen, BE)
  • 03.08 Lochfest (Duffel, BE)
  • 08.08 Lokerse feesten (Lokeren, BE)
  • 11.08 Zomerparkfeesten (Venlo, NL)
  • 24.08 Fire is Gold (Antwerpen, BE)
  • 07.09 Endezomer (Aalter, BE)
  • 07.09 Booty Rave Festival (Kasterlee, BE)
  • 28.09 Den Amber (Diest, BE)
  • 25.10 Indoor Street Fest (Mons, BE)

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