AU/RA en Alan Walker slaan de handen in elkaar voor de fantastische track 'Ghost', die op de 'DEATH STRANDING: Timefall' soundtrack zal staan dat op 7 november uitkomt.

“I wrote ‘Ghost’ while I was first getting used to not being home a lot. At that time I was feeling very disconnected from friends and family, and I needed to write something about that feeling of isolation. It ties in with the concept of Death Stranding - the isolation and disconnection in that world and its people, that the protagonist, Sam Porter, is trying to connect again. I had worked on a track with Alan Walker called ‘Darkside’ and we had so much fun doing it, and had been wanting to work together again and I thought this song was a great opportunity to do that. He produced the track and added a bit of his own spin to it.” - AU/RA

“It’s a true honor to play a small role in this release with so many other amazing artists. Au/Ra has featured on one of my singles before, so it’s great to return the favor on ‘Ghost’ - Alan Walker

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