Volcanova turns Icelandic isolation into an explosive fuzz-rock fest on their new single "Desolation".

With gritty riffs, multi layered vocal arrangements and gut punching grooves, the power-trio reveals a dynamic piece of energized stoner rock. "Desolation" is the second and final single from Volcanova’s upcoming EP "Cosmic Bullshit". Dagur from the band comments on the single:

While hovering through space, despite having the time of your life, you can’t help...

In an alternative reality where Kyuss didn’t get their start in the sun-drenched weather of California, but in a cold barren volcanic landscape of Iceland, you would get Volcanova. Members hailing from 3 corners of this unique island of lava fields, glaciers and hot springs came together to erupt a fresh take on desert rock. Building on this style the band pay homage to classics such as Black Sabbath with...

Hard rockers Volcanova have released a video for their song "Sushi Sam" at V13 The track is from their album Radical Waves which will be released in August via The Sign Records. Watch the video here: https://v13.net/2020/05/volcanovas-sushi-sam-video-ponders-whether-lucifer-walks-among-us-premiere/

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Album Tracklist:
1. Welcome
2. Where’s the Time?
3. Super Duper Van
4. I'm Off