London sludge metal band TORPOR are now streaming the entirety of their new album Rhetoric of the Image via Invisible Oranges. The album is set to be released tomorrow via Truthseeker Music (UK), Sludgelord Records (UK), Moment of Collapse Records (DE), Smiths Food Group (NL) & Medusa Crush Rcordings(CAN).

Listen to the album in full here:


Of the many justly earned superlatives to have been used to describe Torpor’s music, there is perhaps one that rings most true; cathartic. There is something undeniably purgative and purifying deep at the heart of their crushing, heaving blend of noise, sludge, and post metal.

Formed in 2012, their 2015 debut ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ was a mere hint of what was to come, a larval combination of hooky riffs,...