Luka Bloom celebrates his birthday by releasing his lockdown trilogy. Here's a message from the man himself:

"3 records since February 2020.

When the lockdowns began, I thought about trying the online gigs.
But I just missed the true feeling of a room full of people too much.
And so the virus gave me a precious gift; time.
Time to be still, time

‘I have made a pretty big decision.
The record will not be available on streaming services.
It can only be experienced via my website in cd and download.
I was not going to say anything about this decision but have been asked to.

I am not ‘anti-streaming’. Many people are happy to use these services for promotion.
But here is how I feel about streaming, especially...

Luka's words:

The first line of the first song we are releasing from my new record Bittersweet Crimson. I’ve been quietly beavering away in North West Clare for 2 years. I wrote about 20 songs and narrowed it down to the 11 songs which will emerge on this record on July 20th. This is, I hope, the perfect song to begin with.

In the Summer of 2019, I wrote this,...

"It was December 2012. I made the move to the people’s Republic of North Clare in the West of Ireland. Wind and rain howling all around me, it felt apocalyptic and wild, and I loved it. A visitor to Clare since 1973, I never really felt the Winter wind before. In three short years I have come to love this time of warm fires and slow tunes. There is no...