Genre-bending duo ZETRA are gearing up to release their debut self-titled EP this summer. Combining the alchemistic with the futuristic, the nine track record charts the ultimately doomed tale of Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komorov through melancholic, synth-laden soul-crushing missives. The EP will be on limited edition cassette, and digitally via Death Waltz Originals on July 24.

The intrepid pair - Adam (guitar & vocals), Jordan (synthesiser and vocal) - have blossomed into a vessel for intricate storytelling by way of fuzzed-out guitars and majestic melody. Many hours of heavy metal exploration in their formative years has resulted in a solid and eclectic foundation upon which they have layered shimmering synths and ethereal shoegaze elements. Entirely self-recorded, ZETRA have crafted a sound that relies heavily on an Atari ST and an 8 track tape machine, capturing each natural crackle and every organic buzz; having kept their recordings deliberately raw, there is an added a gossamer sheen that tempers the rough edges.

The nine-track collection documents the ultimately doomed tale of Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komorov, who perished on Soyuz 1 - affording him the tragic distinction of being the first human to die in space. His earlier career accomplishments and respect for his friend, Yuri Gagarin, ultimately led to his demise; he knew as he boarded the space flight that his fate was sealed and yet he continued. His open-casket funeral served as a grotesque reminder of his sacrifice.

Unafraid to mix influences and inspirations, traces of Black Sabbath and Type O Negative make for comfortable audio bedfellows alongside Gary Numan and My Bloody Valentine. ZETRA would be as at home playing with modern proponents of shoegaze such as Soft Kill or Nothing as they would be leaning towards the heavier realms of True Widow or the synth-heavy world of Drab Majesty or Boy Harsher.

1. A Death In Space
2. Phaethon
3. Ithaca
4. Satellite
5. Union
6. Normal Behaviour
7. Urania
8. Descent
9. Ascendant

Videos for Union and Satellite can be viewed below; ZETRA are in the final stages of preparation for the launch of their debut EP. For fellow explorers seeking immediate gratification, a primer on all things ZETRA is available via their lockdown-produced emissions on their Bandcamp HERE.

Death Waltz Originals is the new-artist sister label of Death Waltz Records, the vinyl re-issue home of soundtracks such as Halloween (I,II and III), Twin Peaks, Evil Dead and Godzilla and was founded by Record Store Day UK originator and former Rough Trade manager, Spencer Hickman.

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