Belgian artist and songwriter Yves Paquet releases his ‘Into the summer mix’ to join your ideal hot summer party. Yves wanted to share his selection of favorite tracks. The song he’d like to put up front is ‘Bullet’.

“When I was in Brazil back in 2013, I was visiting an Internet café while listening to music on my headphones. All of a sudden, I heard someone shouting behind me and before I knew what was happening I got held at gunpoint and my headphones were forcefully pulled off. At that point, I realized the whole café was empty and I got pushed in the back room where the robbers (there were three of them) assembled everyone, even a bunch of kids. While we were told to be quiet with guns pointed at us while one of them emptied the register in front. They yelled some more and shortly after that they left, leaving everyone shook up but luckily no one got physically hurt. That night will always stick with me. There’s nothing cool or “gangster” about violence and guns, it was all just really… sad and helpless.”

"This experience made me realize sometimes you need to accept your vulnerability. As in a relationship, it’s about the back and forth between you & your partner, and all the passion and potential resentment that comes with that." It’s a song about “staying alive while you could get seriously wounded”, in a non-literal sense.

‘Bullet’ is part of Yves Paquet’s debut album 'Every Now And Then’ which was released on April 2nd. The track was added to the NMF UK playlist upon release. The album was written by Yves, co-composed by Dutch writer Joël Gaerthé (The Howlin’) & produced by Ant Whiting (MIA, John Newman, Ella Eyre) and Patrice (Selah Sue).

4/ Talk about the weather
3/ Chest
2/ 25-28
1/ Bullet

Listen here

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