Since their inception in 2021, Canada’s Gnarwhal has been at the forefront of the heavy music resurgence in their northern home of Yellowknife. With their self-titled debut album released in early 2023, the band quickly garnered critical acclaim, earning nominations for the Western Canadian Music Award and the Best New Single award at the 2022 Music NWT Awards. They are following that album up with a new EP “Altered States” and ready for the ears of those who like fuzzy, doomy rock. Vocalist Mark Kilbride comments on the EP:

“There seems to be a common thread to most of the lyrics on the album and I feel listeners will be able to relate their own experiences to the songs. I know what these songs mean to me and try to steer toward authentic emotions to accompany the instruments. The songs on the album portray a sense of resilience and a fight against the complexities of our own thoughts and emotions. No matter how much the characters in the songs endure, you can still feel a sense of hope and resilience.”

“Altered States” represents a significant evolution in Gnarwhal's musical journey, offering a darker and heavier atmosphere compared to their debut release. From the haunting melodies of “Tides” to the introspective depth of “From Her Hands”, each track on the EP contributes to a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

The creation of the EP was not without its challenges, as the band navigated the uncertainties of the pandemic and unforeseen obstacles during the recording process. Despite these hurdles, Gnarwhal remained steadfast in their commitment to delivering a powerful and authentic musical statement. “Altered States” was produced and mixed by Dan Ponich, mastered by David Collins, and the album artwork was done by Jonah Cutler. It is recommended for fans of Mastodon, Elder, and Truckfighters.

Listen to the EP's full stream premiere via Bravewords HERE.

Recommended for fans of Kyuss, Mastodon, and Elder, “Altered States” is due out on May 24, 2024, and is available for pre-order digitally and on vinyl at

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