Founded in 2008 near Paris, When Reasons Collapse has unleashed on stage its powerful, brutal yet melodic music for over 200 gigs across 20 European countries so far. 2018 will see the release of a second album of this deathcore/metalcore mixed together with many other influences.

About the album..
When Reasons Collapse invites you again to visit aspects of a tortured universe, dragging you through human horror, trials, madness and illusions. Mythological, folklore or dreamlike creatures take turns impersonating those situations, but they are sometimes just rooted in a dark, apocalyptic reality


  • 13 avril, Festival Cormorock, Cormoret, Switzerland
  • 11 mai, MCP Apache, Fontaine-L'Évêque, Belgium
  • 25 août, Infernum Meets Porkcore Fistevil 2018, Buchold, Germany
  • 22 septembre, Metalspeck Festival, Rheinau, Germany

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