Ahead of the release of their sophomore album, Hush, next week on August 12th, Newfoundland’s Weary today reveal “Trust”. Hush, explores the quiet spaces that demand we listen a little closer, a little more carefully. The record is part guitar driven inner child work, part attempt to understand the grief, trauma and chaos of our world.

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Reckoning with the silences that memory leaves behind, Hush tends to the liminal spaces between suffering and hope in order to come to terms with the past and dream the future.

Speaking on “Trust” Weary’s Kate Lahy explains,“'Trust' explores a moment where my past and future collided. Love asked me to take a leap of faith into the unknown, while trauma filled me with fear. Working through a claustrophobic sense of flightiness, trust explores the ways in which our past can overwhelm our desire for a better future. In my search for belonging, security and safety, I found myself scared of the very things I long for because of their unfamiliarity. 'Trust' is not about trusting someone else with your heart, but about learning to trust yourself. “

Since forming in 2017, Weary has explored the sonics of heartache through atmospheric indie. At once tender and defiant, Weary’s lingering guitars and intimate melodies tell stories of loving and losing, longing and change. Weary has been shaped by community; members have been involved as teachers, advocates and organizers with community arts organizations, non-profits and local activism.

Their debut album Feeling Things (December 2017) is a moody breakthrough that grapples with the blunt edges of resistance: care, joy, and healing. GoldFlakePaint describes the album as “a rare, alluring gem”. Feeling Things was nominated for MusicNL’s Alternative Album of the Year in 2018. Weary was nominated for MusicNL’s Rising Star of the Year in 2018. In 2016, Weary was longlisted for the Borealis Award. Notable performances include East Coast Music Week Rising Star Stage, Flourish Festival, Bloom Fest, Lawnya Vawnya, Halifax Pop Explosion, Out of Earshot Festival, and MusicNL week. Weary toured Eastern Canada with Property in Spring 2019. Weary was selected by a jury to participate in the Nickel Film Festival Music Video Incubator Project. Their video for “Bruise” premiered on Not Your Boys Club in March 2019. Weary was an artist in United Way NL’s 2019 United by Song project.

Weary release Hush on August 12th 2022.

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