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WARKINGS Warriors! Be prepared for the second strike of the Kings of War! Odin himself sent them out to spread the stories of long forgotten wars and battles!

It’s the Spartan who raises his voice and guides you in the ancient years of Greece. He came to praise Hephaistos, the fire god, responsible for all the metalworking which made the Greek get the best weapons and the most beautiful jewelry you could imagine. He is a symbol of power, as the Spartan and the WARKINGS are!

w/ Dragony, Illuminata, Titan Killer

  • 08.12.18 AU - Vienna / Szene

w/ Amaranthe, Follow The Cipher

  • 31.01.19 NL - Nijmegen / Doornroosje
  • 01.02.19 BE - Antwerp / Trix
  • 02.02.19 CH - Pratteln / Z7
  • 03.02.19 LU - Luxembourg / Den Atelier
  • 04.02.19 DE - Hamburg / Grünspan
  • 06.02.19 SE - Malmö / KB
  • 07.02.19 SE - Gothenburg / Pustervik
  • 08.02.19 SE - Helsingborg / Tivoli
  • 09.02.19 SE - Örebro / Frimis
  • 11.02.19 DK - Copenhagen / Pumpehuset
  • 12.02.19 SE - Uppsala / Katalin
  • 13.02.19 SE - Stockholm / Klubben
  • 03.-06.07.19 DE – Ballenstedt / Rockharz Festiva

The Spartan: “This is for the god of fire, the blacksmith of the pantheon. We met, we drank...and then we forged this anthem!”


On Odin’s order, the WARKINGS will leave their sanctuary behind to return to the European battlefields! It will be an historical moment, when the four ancient warriors set their foot on the ground in Vienna after an absence for many centuries or even millenniums on December 8th!

In the beginning of 2019, especially the Viking will return to the lands of his forefathers and his own past. Accompanied by Amaranthe, the WARKINGS will return to the lands of ice and snow and wander through Scandinavia and parts of Germania and Belgica, today called the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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