"Drunk Sleeping In Taxis" is a song that Valentina Ploy holds very close to her heart. It's about how she gets scared and shows the worst part of herself to the person she loves most and is afraid of not being loved the same way again. It's very easy to idealize yourself and like yourself at your best but when you’re drunk sleeping in taxis, irrational, at your worst, would people still feel the same about you? Valentina wrote this all down and it healed her. People tend to see Valentina Ploy as a very happy, positive and smiley person which reflects some true parts of her but she also has many insecurities and flaws. She is afraid to show these flaws.

"Drunk Sleeping In Taxis" is an act of courage choosing to share this vulnerable part of her life. Normalizing the human side of us all over perfection is something that Valentina wishes she could always do. She hopes the lyrics speak for themselves as with this song she just spoke the truth at 2am one night when she couldn’t sleep.

Musically Valentina has kept the soul of the song whilst making it more dynamic than a simple acoustic version. For "Drunk Sleeping iIn Taxis" she worked with producer/songwriter Richard Craker who created magic and helped record the song from scratch. Richard was a fundamental figure in creating the final song you get to hear today. "He played with the sounds, turned vocal ad libs into samples and made sure to add the little details that made the track very me". "Emotion, vulnerability, honesty - that always moves me". Real piano and acoustic guitar are still the main core structure of the song mixed with “heartbeats” pop kicks.

"Drunk Sleeping In Taxis" - Video - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/100f3MiWQx9-yMdn5eDFPCblvvUX_6kTO

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