Bound by the passion for Extreme Metal, SCHIZOPHRENIA has aimed for an original sound, distancing themselves from the simple nostalgia of the past. Power, aggression, and speed are the three main words that describes this band and on January 31st 2020 a relentless beast named "Voices" got unleashed!

A critically acclaimed debut, self released by the band from Antwerp, straight Death-Thrash madness in the vein of Demolition Hammer, Morbid Angel, Death and Dark Angel! See the band's brand new video for the track "Beyond Reality", streaming now at THIS LOCATION

"Beyond Reality shows the band's ability to create a tension between fast and mid tempo riffs. The closing track of the Ep is a rollercoaster that starts with a furious high speed riff, falls into a groovy mid tempo and takes up the speed again with the chorus. The high speed train breaks down with a melodic solo before guitars race each other to build up the ending and finally shutting the door on the voices." says Ricky Mandozzi about the song.

"Voices" out now and available for purchase RIGHT HERE

1. Structure Of Death
2. Perpetual Perdition
3. Mortal Sin
4. Schizophrenia
5. Beyond Reality

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