US Black Metal solo project Unrelenting Torment (Steven Nelson (aka Wraith)) released on March 20th their 2nd full-length "Cursed By The Witch". A self-released album with a story concept.

" "Cursed By The Witch" is a story of a year in a once benevolent witch's life, she's driven to hate humanity for transgressions against nature and her kind.
When her lover and coven are hunted down and burned alive at the stake, she's thrown into a rage of malice where she makes a blood pact with Satan to raise her dead lover's wrath, for all eternity his wraith will hunt down and kill mankind sending their souls to hell every winter night."

For fans of Marduk, Watain, Mayhem, Wolves in the throne room, Dark funeral, Blut Aus Nord...


01- Benevolence Turned Malevolent
02- Enchanted By The Mistress Of Spring
03- Summer Of The Witches Curse
04- Death Ashes In The Winds Of Fall
05- Her Blackened Broken Heart
06- The Wraith Of Winter Night
07- Cursed By The Witch

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