US group UNDERXTED are proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated industrial/alternative metal album, Carnage, set to drop on April 25th via Sliptrick Records. The album showcases UNDERXTED's signature heavy sound, blending intricate guitar riffs with pounding drums and driving bass lines, all while incorporating industrial elements that add a unique dimension to their music.

"Carnage is a representation of where we are as a band right now," say the group. "We've always been inspired by the heavy metal greats, but we also wanted to incorporate new sounds and elements into our music to create something fresh and exciting. We're really excited to share this album with our fans, we poured our hearts and souls into it and we hope it shows."

With two members, trying to revolt against the daily life routine, expressing their frustration through lessons recorded into tracks. Some may change and abandon their passions by bending to the overruling powers over us. UNDERXTED themselves say; “We stride with power, trying to free as many locked souls from the doomed!”

STENCH - The world spends so much time listening to the hypocritical elites and the media about how to live their lives and how we should perceive things instead of listening to those who have a real message to share: THE TRUTH. Most of us who speak nothing but the cold, hard truth are seen as underground, "nobodies" whose message will never reach out until we're all equals underground

Saviors - Your one dream in life will feel like a lover that you can't stop chasing after. You get hit with tribulations and those who want to discourage you from the things you love when trying to reach your goals, but passion and determination overcomes the harsh reality of how tough chasing your dream actually is.

DECONSTRUCTION - Despite the societal standards of today, we've chosen to be nothing but our authentic selves and if anyone doesn't like it they can fuck off! "What you see is what you get."

Multi-Kill - Breaking away from the people or habits that don't benefit you. There's no room in your life for backstabbers, liars, and anyone who has anymore negative opinions to taint you on your journey.

Old No.7 - The temptations of the world can lead us to where we're not supposed to be in life. Involving yourself in things that aren't meant for you brings nothing but trouble and eventually a sad death. The underlying messages life gives you can prevent you from making decisions that will end all tilat's good.

DESCRETION OF HATE - Trying to fit into the social norms or have everything your heart desires will lead to nothing but a life of pain and despair. Living your life in search of societal success will leave you aching for more and you'll never be satisfied. If anyone lives their life or thinks you should live your life for whatever standards we're held up to, we're all better off dead. At least in death, whether you were superior to me in life, we will all be equals underground.

01. STENCH! | 02. Saviors | 03. DECONSTRUCTION | 04. Multi-Kill | 05. Old N0.7 | 06. DESCRETION OF HATE

Carnage | Released April 25th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

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