CrossChains is an Ukrainian rock band from Kyiv, formed in 2019. Their music is a mezmerizing blend of massive guitar sound and the gentle, almost vulnerable spirit of frontman Eugene's vocal melody. On February 23, 2024 - almost exactly two years after the Russian invasion – their debut album "Deathgrip" will finally be released as Jewel Case CD via Drakkar Entertainment, the pre-sale has just started at

With "Deathgrip", CrossChains try to cope with all the horror and pain that got imposed on the Ukrainian people. Their new single, "Get Over" feat. former ASKING ALEXANDRIA frontman Denis Stoff, is now available on all digital streaming services at

"Violent, aggressive, and visceral experience. The very first song of Stanni and Max they worked on back in the 2017,CrossChains reveal. "We had like 5 very different versions of this song, but when Dmitry Kim joined the band to play drums - "Get Over" finally found its face.

Denis Stoff is a good friend of Eugene, and we thought that this song is a perfect match for his vocals and personality in general!“

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