Walking” is the latest single to be taken from Vancouver’s Twin Rivers’ new EP When We Think About Time which is out on September 9th via Light Organ Records.

For the final two minutes of “Walking”, guitarist and lead singer Courtney Ewan repeats: “I’m okay.” With each reoccurrence, a guitar-heavy haze inches closer to Ewan and tries to overtake her. But Ewan’s ardent voice doesn’t falter when faced with mounting noise. Instead, she gets stronger and louder.

Persistent affirmations like the one heard on “Walking” are found throughout When We Think About Time, the band’s first release in six years. “Maybe it’s just being in my early 30s but I do feel way more settled in my life than I did when I was writing for previous records,” Ewan says about the resolvability of When We Think About Time.

Ewan and longtime bandmate Andy Bishop (guitar) made When We Think About Time over two weeks in August and September 2020 at The Hive Creative Labs on Vancouver Island. They were joined in studio by a new team of collaborators: Ladyhawk’s Ryan Peters on drums and Darcy Hancock on bass alongside Louise Burns and Yukon Blonde’s Rebecca Gray who both provided backing vocals. The immediate connection of this ensemble buzzes throughout the EP and reaches its peak on the hook-filled opener “I’m Alright.”

On When We Think About Time, Twin River are not the glossy band you know from their previous recordings. Where Should The Light Go Out (2015) and Passing Shade (2016) sparkle under layers of synths and effects, the EP’s six guitar-driven songs have rough edges and raw energy. Before “Other Side” turns into a fuzzed-out punky track, in its opening iPhone recording, Bishop and Ewan perform together in a hallway, a throwback of sorts to Twin River’s folky debut EP, Rough Gold (2012).

When We Think About Time is out on September 9th via Light Organ Records.

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